The NGO CSW Forum is organized by and for global civil society, non-governmental organizations, and feminists to connect them with the official United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW) process. With over 750 events, the NGO CSW Forum informs, engages, and inspires grassroots efforts and gender equality advocacy around the world.

While the NGO CSW Forum runs parallel to and complements the UN CSW, it is a separate process with separate organizers.

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    One of the key components and the most popular aspect of the NGO CSW Forum is the Parallel Events. Each year, we invite civil society organizations around the globe to apply to host a Parallel Event, regardless of their ECOSOC status. These events are totally organized by the host organization and address the CSW priority theme in some way.
    Co-hosted by NGO CSW/NY and UN Women, the Civil Society Briefings bring together civil society, UN agencies, and Member States to share the state of play as developments within the CSW and outcome document negotiation process unfold.
    Meet fellow activists and connect with old friends! The NGO CSW Forum is the perfect place to network with other organizations and advocates in the global gender equality and women's rights movement. NGO CSW/NY and the YLYPs host different sessions that allow for networking and connection between participants.
    Conversation Circles provide a place to raise issues and exchange ideas on different topics in a semi-structured space during the NGO CSW Forum. Each conversation addresses a specific topic related to gender equality and are facilitated by experts in the theme.
    Hosted by the global NGO CSWs and the Europe & North America Caucus, Regional Caucuses are informal, loosely moderated spaces for participants to discuss and reflect upon regional advocacy and their region's most relevant and pressing issues.
    Advocate for your organization and the issues you're passionate about to Member States, UN agencies, and other CSOs during the NGO CSW Forum. NGO CSW/NY and the YLYPs host advocacy trainings and provide advocacy resources to ensure that you are prepared to engage effectively.
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